17 Sep 2012

Are your Training customers asking you for ‘Training Outcomes’ in ‘Business Outcome Terms’?

Are your internal/external training customers asking you to deliver ‘Training Outcomes’ in ‘Business Outcome Terms’.  I know, many trainers and training managers are already crying foul and yelling in their minds, “Training results cannot be accurately measured”.  Yet, I suggest that you continue reading this article.

In many cases, current Training Methodology adopted by trainers and training managers is:

STEP-1 : Regular Instructional Design based approach of defining Learning Objectives as ………………. On successful completion of this module, the participant will be in a position to ……………(for example)…… ,  “Demonstrate methodology of Greeting, Listening and Acknowledging Customers” or “Demonstrate how to eliminate doubts that arise in the minds of customers and propose a solution to their query”  or  “Demonstrate Selling Skills learnt successfully through role plays”.
STEP-2: Develop training materials as per design

STEP-3: Implement/Execute training intervention


STEP-5: A Ha! – …

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12 Apr 2012

Unlocking Distribution in Sales

More than 19 countries across continents, we have championed one mantra – Mastering Distribution

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