8 Feb 2012

Teaching, Presentation Skills and Training

What are the differences (and similarities) between Teaching, Presentation Skills and Training? This is a question that gets many trainers and other managers completely foxed. The answer lies in the simplicity of these concepts.

Teaching is all about “What do they know?” Teaching is focused on transference of information. It is simple, direct, easily evaluated. For a large number of knowledge transfer requirements, it is still the quickest solution to a problem. Teaching is still valuable but not enough to ensure success.

Presentation Skills is all about “Selling your idea”. A presentation is an environment for someone to promote his/her ideas, products, or services. During a presentation, you have a captive audience and are able to provide them with relevant information. You can answer any question that any member of the audience may have. Presentations can open doors, win new business, communicate with colleagues, etc.

Training is “Guiding learners through …

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