22 May 2013

Can school administrators become leaders?

Can school administrators become leaders? Or should they care at all to be one?

Indian Education system is today at the crossroads. On one side we are targeting higher gross enrollment ratios and increased access through Right to Education, on the other hand students across grades are not able to read and write in basic language skills. At one hand there is increased focus on providing skill based training & vocational education programmes and on the other hand there is acute shortage of skilled instructors and teachers in the country. Simply put, there are three basic challenges the Indian Education Sector faces: Expansion (reaching underserved areas and increased access at lower costs), Equity (better targeted interventions which include people from various socio-economic groups) and Excellence (focused on improving teacher learning and building research capability).
At the recently concluded, Global Education & Skills Forum, Former US President, Bill Clinton said, “It …

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