7 Nov 2012

Have a productive and profitable Diwali!

According to different media reports, consumers are likely to spend 20-30% more in the festival season vis-à-vis normal season. And this is the season to get the most achieved of your annual targets, drive profitability and make the most of the buck.

  • Is your workforce geared to reap advantage of your aggressive marketing spend?
  • Is your dealer network aligned to new product offerings to drive sales?
  • Is your same store revenue growing vis-à-vis new store revenue?
  • Are your front line sales representatives aware of the products on offer and are they equipped enough to convert an enquiry into sale?

Goodies and discounts can trigger a buying decision; conversions however happen in real time when the customer is interacting with your product/ brand at the POS and that’s where informed and trained workforce / marketing associates/ sales executives can make a difference!

So what should you do?

This festival season, give …

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5 Oct 2012

Getting the Trainers’ job right

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27 Sep 2012

Enhancing RoI on Training

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17 Sep 2012

Are your Training customers asking you for ‘Training Outcomes’ in ‘Business Outcome Terms’?

Are your internal/external training customers asking you to deliver ‘Training Outcomes’ in ‘Business Outcome Terms’.  I know, many trainers and training managers are already crying foul and yelling in their minds, “Training results cannot be accurately measured”.  Yet, I suggest that you continue reading this article.

In many cases, current Training Methodology adopted by trainers and training managers is:

STEP-1 : Regular Instructional Design based approach of defining Learning Objectives as ………………. On successful completion of this module, the participant will be in a position to ……………(for example)…… ,  “Demonstrate methodology of Greeting, Listening and Acknowledging Customers” or “Demonstrate how to eliminate doubts that arise in the minds of customers and propose a solution to their query”  or  “Demonstrate Selling Skills learnt successfully through role plays”.
STEP-2: Develop training materials as per design

STEP-3: Implement/Execute training intervention


STEP-5: A Ha! – …

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20 Jun 2012

Transforming Air Travel Experience

Imagine an air travel experience, where all you need for access and exit at airport is a mobile phone.

You get your ticket on mobile, an electronic bag tag, automated self-service immigration/ passport controls and self boarding pass gates and so on.

Imagine the experience of an ‘empowered’ air traveler. 

According to an article published in Brand Line, Airports of the future will be built with customer at the heart of whatever is planned, conceived or delivered. The article talks about a report, “Reinventing the Airport Ecosystem” by travel technology firm Amadeus which have done an extensive study on what passengers want and here are some of the findings:

  • 63% respondents said they would want Mobile phone to check in and navigate all touch points
  • 59% wanted to use frequent flyer card as permanent boarding pass
  • 56% wanted remote check-in and bag collection services
  • 54% wanted automated self-service immigration
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