3 May 2012

Sustainable & Scalable Skills Development

Mapping job opportunities with relevant skill sets linked to employability is the only way India can unlock the potential of its young workforce and address the skills challenge India faces today. While the Indian job market is buoyant and positive, the youth in rural areas are often alienated from the mainstream development because they are either unemployed or underemployed. 

Exploring at a micro level, one may find depressing realities which are hampering the success of the skills initiatives being run at multiple levels in the country. To name a few, the unwillingness of the young men & women to relocate from their native place for employment, inability & unwillingness to cope with cultural changes, lack of career aspirations, etc continue to plague the skill initiatives. In the same context, the Industry also fails to recruit and retain the skilled youth because of inadequate salary structures, work facilities and so on.

Structural reforms in the industry coupled with attitudinal changes in the youth population of the country are the two  predominant challenges, which need to be overcome to create a WIN-WIN. At the policy level, sustainable models need to be put in place to ensure a continuous flow of skilled personnel into the industry and assured dignified employment opportunities for the skilled workforce.

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