24 Aug 2012

Skilling Development – What’s the right model for India?

Is India ready to take advantage of its demographic dividend? Is the industry ready to absorb vocationally skilled workforce? Do we have a performance appraisal mechanism for blue collar workforce? These are few of the many ideas that were discussed and debated at the recently concluded conference on skill development organized by the People Matters magazine and NSDC.

Our society is in a mode of social transformation. We still like to be served. When we go to a shopping mall, we still look forward to a customer care executive to hand out products to us, though they are out there on display! We are working without a framework between education and vocational skills. There aren’t any models that we can say are best for India. Models in India will take a long time to evolve.

However, there has to be a balance between money and the social cause. All private players in the field of skill development are not in it for money alone or for CSR alone. Industry is both a victim and a culprit. Is a graduate degree required for performing the task of an office boy/ rider? It’s time to rethink the job descriptions so that people skilled get recognized by the employers and don’t face rejections for lack of higher education degrees. That’s how vocational education in the country will get mainstream and the larger vision of building a skilled and employable India would be achieved.


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