7 Nov 2012

Have a productive and profitable Diwali!

According to different media reports, consumers are likely to spend 20-30% more in the festival season vis-à-vis normal season. And this is the season to get the most achieved of your annual targets, drive profitability and make the most of the buck.

  • Is your workforce geared to reap advantage of your aggressive marketing spend?
  • Is your dealer network aligned to new product offerings to drive sales?
  • Is your same store revenue growing vis-à-vis new store revenue?
  • Are your front line sales representatives aware of the products on offer and are they equipped enough to convert an enquiry into sale?

Goodies and discounts can trigger a buying decision; conversions however happen in real time when the customer is interacting with your product/ brand at the POS and that’s where informed and trained workforce / marketing associates/ sales executives can make a difference!

So what should you do?

This festival season, give your employees/ channel partners/ distribution network people an opportunity to up-skill and re-skill to become more productive. This will keep your cash register ringing and you can also laugh your way to the bank!

Training in this festival season! Seriously?

Who on earth (or wherever market place exists) would like to even look at training especially during the festival season? Why train when the customers are willing to buy in any case?

Yes, the customers will spend on buying products. The question is, will they buy yours?

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