12 Jun 2013

Excellence in Training Delivered

In his book titled “The Success Equation”, Michael Mauboussin, adjunct professor of finance at Columbia Business School says, “When the overall skill level goes up, luck starts playing a more important role in determining success”.  We, at Centum Learning, completely believe in this and over one million people, who have been impacted by our training & skill development initiatives, stand testimony to this success equation! Timely and adequate policy push has given the skill development sector a much needed head start. The onus in now on the training delivery partners to ensure that this mission is accomplished with speed and quality. In the skill development domain, responding to challenges posed by diverse geographies and industry dynamics requires the implementation processes to be agile enough to absorb contingencies.  Nevertheless, quality and operational effectiveness cannot be compromised upon.  Since training and trainers are the most vital link in the entire value chain, the skill development providers need to make thoughtful investment in developing both.

Over the years, Centum Learning has developed systemic processes at each level to check quality and maintain uniform standards of training delivery across all 469 skill development centers in the country. To supplement this, a unique forum, which is also the first of its kinds in the industry, has been developed for nurturing the skill instructors in the system. This forum, called the Centum Skill Instructor’s Guild, has been launched for increasing engagement, facilitating continuous learning and rewarding skill instructors in the organisation.

The Centum Skills Digest, a quarterly newsletter from Centum Learning captures Centum Learning’s journey in the skilling domain aimed at generating gainful employment. Besides, it is an odyssey of positive changes we bring about in the lives of the youth across regions. In the third issue of The Centum Skills Digest, we present our approach to ‘Training Delivery’ and our initiatives to develop an agile and reliable training ecosystem of our own. Click here to download your copy: http://www.centumlearning.com/images/pdf/centum_skill_digest_vol3.pdf

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