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Training of personnel assigned to the international airport trained to provide impeccable customer service


To train employees on duty at the airport to operate as part of the team from the airport to meet the needs and requirements of passengers, and to think and work in the basic philosophy of the service, and the role that each plays in aligning to provide seamless service to passengers.

the solution

Centum Learning developed a program in order to orient staff to the importance and the need for customer service, thanks to instill pride in working at the airport.

The program used a bunch of tools, union activities, business simulations, videos, role-plays and lively discussions which ensures high transfer of learning and the applicability to the workplace. He trained participants on details such as:

  • Recognizing the passenger
  • Welcoming the cockpit
  • Empathy with passengers
  • Provide proactive support (research and management moments of truth in the interaction)
  • Maintaining a pleasant appearance (personal care, office equipment, and code of conduct)
  • For passenger services (help the customer satisfaction)
the result

At the end of the program, the staff was able to:

  • Generate the attitude needed to help passengers
  • Share the responsibility of passenger pleasure with other teams
  • Ultimately leads to customer satisfaction!

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Études de cas

Case Studies

Former des agents de vente non productifs qui opèrent dans des régions rurales à améliorer leur performanceset accroître les ventes

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