Centum apprentissage a participé à la 6ème FICCI Sommet mondial 2013 des compétences, en tant que sponsor stratégique

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Sanjeev Duggal, CEO & Director, Centum Learning and Co – Chairman FICCI Skill Development Forum, along with thought leaders from the industry addressed the conference, which drew participation from countries like New Zealand, UK, Australia, Indonesia, Germany, etc. Each year, the event draws participation from Industry, Government and Academia, in huge numbers.

In 2012 alone, more than 600 delegates attended the event, which focused on Learners in the skill development space. In its 6th year, FICCI Global Skills Summit drew multiple stakeholders including representatives from ministries, corporates and educational institutions to deliberate and discuss the role of Industry under the theme- Industry Leads.

Characterized by hyper dynamism and competitive market places, the Industry, has an important role to play in driving skill development agenda of the nation. The three- day conference, besides establishing the pivotal role played by Industry in skill development ecosystem, focussed on ways and means for effective engagement with the industry, involvement of CEOs in skill development, how to make vocational education aspirational at school level, learning from best practices in vocational education, etc.

The conference had a large number of panel discussions, of which, CEO4Skills was a prominent one. CEO4Skills which was launched as a joint initiative of Centum Learning and FICCI during 5th FICCI GSS 2012, is a premier forum of CEOs and is meant to lead the discussion around skill development. The private sector involvement in skill development has increased but is mostly limited to initiatives for internal manpower consumption and CSR. To extend the role of CEOs manifold in this critical agenda, it is important to engage the CEOs who not only have the potential to employ a large number of skilled people, but at the same time, have the ability to advocate for professional skill development on a nationwide basis.

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