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Assisted a leading life insurance company prepare process guidelines and related documents to streamline application

The Task

The client company had a complete set up of resources in place. However; they lacked a set of process guidelines to help their role holders in their day-to-day and other periodic activities. A solution that consisted of the preparation of a Role Process Booklet for each of their role holders to help the role holders understand their roles & responsibilities in an effective manner, was sought.

The Solution

Centum did a field study at the client’s corporate office, where they studied and understood the daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly activities of the 6 key roles. Also a note was made regarding their existing formats and reports.

Subsequent to the field study, all the activities of each role were documented and designed to make the Process Role Booklet taking into account existing and industry benchmarked processes. All the daily / weekly / monthly and Quarterly activities were included in the Role Booklets along with all necessary formats and reports. The Role Booklets were formally released to the role holders in a ceremony at the client location.

The result

The detailed role booklets brought in the much needed discipline, rigour and standardized approach for efficient functioning of key role holders in the organization. It also facilitated monitoring and developing adequate corrective actions when needed.

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