Success Stories

With Greater Grit Comes Greater Glory
Kamles, New Delhi

Kamles, New DelhiHers is the story of most women in small towns of India: married at a tender age and an incomplete education. Meet Kamles. Married at 16 and a grade seven pass out, she has two grown up children. Yet she nurtures big aspirations: a promotion, a better paying job and a dream to study further.

Working at a leading international airport Kamles’ journey began as a cleaner. Ten years on, she works in the housekeeping department and all this became possible because of her work ethics – ‘Imaandaari aur Zimmedaari,’ meaning Honesty and Responsibility.

Kamles takes pride in her work. “Our airport is our pride. We should perform our duties with dedication. I do my work with perfection even when there is no supervisor around,” she beams happily recounting the accolades she has received over the years. “I received a certificate and my story was published in a magazine,” she says.

She is grateful to the training academy run jointly by Centum Learning and the airport authorities, which taught her the importance of self-grooming and interpersonal skills. “I have frequently taken training at the academy. I have never received any complaints about my performance or appearance.” Passengers have appreciated her work and frequently commended her to supervisors.

Kamles does not want to stop at this. She has enrolled herself in classes again and plans to complete her studies.

"The training helped me maintain my work-life balance".

Not a Robot Anymore
Dishant Tirath, Gurgaon

Dishant Tirath, GurgaonGood Morning! How may I help you?

Endless conversations of this sort made life robotic for a call center executive, Dishant! Everything was scripted, at times, even the rebuttals. Tired of such monotonous and lifeless talk with customers, he decided it was time for a change.

Dishant realized that what was required was a change in approach which would not only win him clients but enhance his monthly scorecard.

He found the right solution through behavioral training conducted by Centum Learning at his workplace. After the training, the first change he noticed was his approach, not just in professional matters, but also in his personal life.

No longer does Dishant have boring conversations with customers. Instead he wins their trust through thoughtful assistance without irritating them by asking unnecessary details.

At home too, Dishant has changed for the better. He says, “Now when my kids complain, instead of scolding them I make them analyze on their own, how their behavior was wrong. This approach, in fact, is making them more responsible as they are able to gauge their behavior and act correctly.”

Soft-skills training has enhanced Dishant’s performance both at home and office. "My scorecards have been displaying better outcomes for me. It is a win-win situation on both professional and personal front.

"The training helped me break the monotony of conversation with clients who call the bank for some advice or clarifications".


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