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Sakina Begum, Chakarbhata, Chhattisgarh

Sakina Begum, Chakarbhata, Chhattisgarh The 'career' options for a girl belonging to a BPL family in a small town in India? Not very many. Coupled with the above, Sakina Begum had been able to study only till Class 8. All opportunities to earn coming her way involved cleaning for wealthier households in the vicinity. Not keen on taking up these jobs, Sakina had scant hope of being able to do anything else in life. Being able to do something more meaningful in life was to stay a dream. A dream that Sakina saw no way of turning true. Worrying continuously, she heard of a skill development course being run in the town through a friend. “What can a course do for an 8th class pass?” She was unimpressed.

The friend however was able to convince her to go the center, where Sakina was counseled. Deciding to take up a course in Retail Sales, she still remained scantily convinced of any real outcome. The course at Centum Skill Development Centre took her through the concepts of modern retail.

To her utter surprise, Sakina found employment as a Sales Representative for a well known cosmetics brand in a Mall.

For someone who’d never heard of a mall, being employed in a glitzy shopping center is nothing less than her own Cinderella story. Not content with just that, Sakina has bought an auto-rickshaw for her father and he too now earns a stable living. Enabling positive transformation…can you think of a better example?

"Not only did I find a career I also helped my father find gainful employment."


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