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Love the job
Ajmal Hussain, Mangaldai, Assam

Ajmal Hussain, Mangaldai, Assam Cuz I don’t care too much for money… money can’t buy me love – The Beatles Maybe Sir Paul Mc Cartney feels a little differently about jobs being able to get one love. If he doesn’t, he should meet Ajmal Hussain. Ajmal is a 22 year old from Mangaldai in Assam. Coming from a family of six, Ajmal was unemployed till about six months ago. His father, a farmer, had a host of expectations from him. Stable employment being one of them. Also, Ajmal was in love with Maoni, and wanted to get married to her. However, which parent would like to marry their daughter off to a man who does nothing? All in all it wasn’t a great life to live. Then Ajmal heard about Centum Learning. Not wasting any time, Ajmal and six of his friends joined the retail course on offer. All seven found themselves their first jobs at Reliance Retail.

Six months of working at Reliance Trends, and Ajmal has already secured his first promotion and now earns Rs. 6000 per month as an Assistant Team Leader.

Maoni? Ajmal’s shy new bride? Yes. They got married in June 2012. Life for Ajmal might have just started looking up! Sustainable transformation just took on a whole new meaning… we think Sir Cartney would agree.

"At last I feel my life is moving in the right direction and I am very happy."


Trainee to Trainer
Amar Jyoti Das, Morigaon, Assam

Amar Jyoti Das, Morigaon, Assam Amar Jyoti’s journey with Centum Learning began in 2010 when the organisation began its first project in Assam. Coming from a small village of Morigaon in Assam, Amar Jyoti joined the center to undergo a 45 day training in order to find gainful employment at the end of the period.

The trainers at the center were so impressed with Amar Jyoti’s performance during the course, that they offered him the profile of a trainer upon graduating. He gladly accepted and there on began a two year long journey where Amar Jyoti has travelled from being a trainee to a senior trainer in charge of two Centum Skill Development Centers!

"I am proud of being able to affect the same change to other people’s lives as those affected in my life by Centum Learning. I am proud of being able to lift BPL families out of their poverty through imparting skills" says AmarJyoti. And Centum Learning is proud of its Amar Jyotis, for they make what’s most important possible. Sustainable Transformation.

"I am committed to building thousands of happy families through empowering youth in Assam."


Giving it back
Jagir Kaur, Ludhiana, Punjab

Jagir Kaur, Ludhiana, Punjab Jagir Kaur smiles a lot. People must wonder why… Sitting at home for six months post clearing her 12th Board exams, guilt had been gnawing at Jagir’s conscience. The thought of her father’s hard earned money being spent on her education in vain had been making her extremely uncomfortable. The fact of an unemployed elder brother not helping with supporting her family of six didn’t help ease her anxiety either. Here is where she decided to move out of her village and undergo a short course at Bharti

Employed at a Best Price Modern Wholesale Store after completion of the course, Jagir is on top of the world.

For people who wonder why Jagir smiles so much… It’s a smile of pride… a smile that people trained by Centum Learning sport so often.

"I support my family and manage my own expenses. In fact I am the first girl in the family who has moved out for being self dependent."


Securing a Future
Shivnath Kumar Kausariya, Chhattisgarh

Shivnath Kumar Kausariya, Chhattisgarh "My name is Shivnath Kumar Kausariya and I am from a small village in Chhattisgarh". No name of the village. The word "small" almost sounding like a limiting factor, a bit of a disability. As if almost insisting on the contrast in his story. And a contrast it is. Shivnath would frequently travel to Raipur to look for work. Being the only earning member in his family, he would take up small jobs. No permanent income, no permanent status, nothing secure. "I ridiculed the news of a new training center opening at Anantpur. Who really gives jobs? They all come, promise and leave." However, as luck would have it, Shivnath decided to visit the Centum Skill Development Centre and give the course a go.

"I really liked going through the course. 12 years of school education had not provided the kind of knowledge that the trainers provided." Then pauses and adds with a shy smile, "It was amazing that we were provided with a travel allowance, and even food. The kind of food that I hadn’t even dreamt of eating at my own house".

Having finished the course, he was hired as a security guard with a monthly pay of Rs. 5000 .

"I was useless and helpless" he says, "now I feel confident of providing a bright future to my son. I always dreamt of enrolling him in a private school, and now thanks to Centum Learning, the dream has come true." From being a man without a job, to a supervisory guard, (yes, he got promoted too) he can't stop flaunting the fact that he has a bank account and an ATM card. The contrast in Shivnath's story is truly, remarkable.

"I was useless and helpless. Now I feel confident of providing a bright future for my son. I always dreamt of enrolling him in a private school, and now thanks to Centum Learning, the dream has come true."


Brothers in Arms
Durga Prasad Anand, Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh

Durga Prasad Anand, Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh Exactly how many times will thanking the organization, that gave you a rewarding career, be enough to express your gratitude? ‘Never enough’ seems to be Durga Prasad’s answer. Earning Rs. 1500 a month as a computer operator, Durga Prasad was barely able to manage his own expenses, leave alone pitch in towards the financial commitments of his family. Then, team Centum Learning on a mobilization drive happened to visit his house. A reluctant Durga Prasad was enrolled into a course on Retail.

He was placed at N-Mart (the very first interview he sat for) as a Customer Support Executive. Buoyed by his success Durga Prasad worked even harder and has now secured the position of a Cashier at the organization.

Earning Rs 6000 per month, he has an air of confidence about him. "My financial condition has vastly improved. Also, while I used to report into people earlier, I have people reporting into me now", he says and then continues to credit Centum Learning for the transformation yet again. "My elder brother also trained with Centum Learning and has been placed in a great job." It’s a little easier to understand the magnitude of gratitude expressed by Durga Prasad now. And we in turn are proud to have catalyzed the transformation in his life.

"Never ever thought I would reach where I have, in life."

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