Success Stories

No Full Stop to Knowledge
Sushil Kumar, Rajasthan

Sushil Kumar, RajasthanWho doesn’t value recognition? It was a great feeling for Sushil Kumar, Principal of Apex Public School in Bhadra, Rajasthan, when his school received CBSE affiliation. But the journey ahead was not as simple. Everything was target oriented, from syllabus to application of CCE method of teaching to even leading teachers.

It was back to school for Sushil, who attended the Effective School Management & Leadership programme organized by Centum Learning in partnership with CBSE in New Delhi. He says, “My perspective changed after training. I started learning new methods of teaching. I sent my teachers to get trained for CCE method of evaluation giving them the freedom to experiment and implement new methods of teaching.”

The school initiated projects for students in winter break allowing students to utilize their time fruitfully and open new horizons of learning.

According to Sushil, his decision making abilities were enhanced after the programme and he now deals with parents more confidently.

Indeed it was a road less travelled for Sushil Kumar, but some effort, hard work and right guidance has made him realize his dream of making his school a better abode of knowledge.

"My confidence and decision making abilities have increased substantially".


From Unemployed to Unlikely Hero
Rajeev Bairwa, Bihar

Rajeev Bairwa, BiharLife was not easy for Rajeev Bairwa, an uneducated and unemployed youth from Gaya in Bihar. Rajeev’s village is like any other rural area in India with sparse electricity or access to modern technology. How then could a youth hope for a better life when each passing day was a struggle to find suitable employment and a decent living?

Fortunately for Rajeev, Centum Learning was not far away. He was one among the lucky few who got selected for training at Centum Skill Development Center changing his life forever. Today, Rajeev works at Navabharath Fertilizers in Jagdishpur. He is an agro consultant counseling farmers on use of fertilizers. Rajeev has learnt to operate computers and is the only person in his village with this skill set

"My confidence has been restored. Centum Learning has changed my life. After I received training from Centum Learning, I was placed in Navabharath Fertilizers where I was productive from the very first day. There are challenges but my life has certainly improved and my dreams are finally beginning to materialize," says a proud Rajeev. His mother is even more proud and exclaims, "Since he started earning, our living standards have improved and we don’t struggle for basic necessities as we did before. We have high hopes from him." Truly, Rajeev is a hero for youth in his village and Centum Learning the savior for hundreds of youth like him around the country.

I dare to dream again. My life has improved and my dreams are finally beginning to materialize."



Healing life...
Mukesh Kumar, Ludhiana, Punjab

Rakesh Kumar, Ludhiana, Punjab When it rains, it pours. And it was pouring trouble. Mukesh Kumar, standing tall and lanky in his clean (albeit a little loose) shirt and pair of trousers talks about trouble without a hint of emotion. Like one would of a constant reality of life. We soon find out why. "My father was admitted in the hospital with a liver problem, his treatment cost Rs.900000." Sitting in his sparse house we wonder how his family could have afforded the treatment. "We had to sell off household items, to make ends meet. Took loans, and now we owe a lot of money." He offers, as if reading our mind.

With his previous employer shutting shop without paying Mukesh his dues, a young sibling studying in school, an ailing father, and mother working as a maid in households, it seemed that the thunderstorm in his life would take everything down. He then found out about Bharti Walmart Training Centre (managed and run by Centum Learning), where Mukesh underwent a short course in retail.

Post his training he was hired at a Best Price Modern Wholesale Store

Now Mukesh and his mother are able to meet the household expenses and re-possess something that is so integral to human survival. Hope.



Wishes do come true
Shabana Khan, Raisen, Madhya Pradesh

Shabana Khan, Raisen, Madhya Pradesh Shabana is a bit of a go-getter. A fighter. Maybe it has something to do with coming from a family of thirteen; contending with ten siblings to make space for herself in the family. Most people are content finding a job, earning a regular income and carrying on with what has been handed out to them by lady luck. Shabana does not belong to that group. With a B.A. degree from Bhopal University, Shabana was working with a telecom company. However, she was not satisfied with her role, as she wanted to do something more meaningful.

Something which would help her give back to society, something which would allow her to lead others towards leading a better life. So she quit her job and joined the course in Retail at Centum Skill Development Centre. Clocking 30 Kms everyday in order to attend the classes wasn’t a big deal for Shabana since she loved every aspect of the course and wouldn’t miss even a single session.

The hard work paid off when she was placed as a trainer at Give Education & Management Services.

"The best part of my job here is that I am able to apply whatever I have learnt and also am able to help others craft their own career. This is really exciting."



The Success Manual to an Auto
Sakina Begum, Chakarbhata, Chhattisgarh

Sakina Begum, Chakarbhata, Chhattisgarh The 'career' options for a girl belonging to a BPL family in a small town in India? Not very many. Coupled with the above, Sakina Begum had been able to study only till Class 8. All opportunities to earn coming her way involved cleaning for wealthier households in the vicinity. Not keen on taking up these jobs, Sakina had scant hope of being able to do anything else in life. Being able to do something more meaningful in life was to stay a dream. A dream that Sakina saw no way of turning true. Worrying continuously, she heard of a skill development course being run in the town through a friend. “What can a course do for an 8th class pass?” She was unimpressed.

The friend however was able to convince her to go the center, where Sakina was counseled. Deciding to take up a course in Retail Sales, she still remained scantily convinced of any real outcome. The course at Centum Skill Development Centre took her through the concepts of modern retail.

To her utter surprise, Sakina found employment as a Sales Representative for a well known cosmetics brand in a Mall.

For someone who’d never heard of a mall, being employed in a glitzy shopping center is nothing less than her own Cinderella story. Not content with just that, Sakina has bought an auto-rickshaw for her father and he too now earns a stable living. Enabling positive transformation…can you think of a better example?

"Not only did I find a career I also helped my father find gainful employment."


The Lone Ranger
Rajni Bala, Ludhiana, Punjab

Rajni Bala, Ludhiana, Punjab A happy married life, with kids, a husband who carries out his duties as a provider without a sliver of inconsistency and loving in-laws. Sounds like the dream a lot of girls would have had, at some time in their lives. Rajni Bala was no different. However, life, as it so often does, refused to cooperate. Married after her graduation, Rajni was thrown into a life which can very well be described as the exact opposite of her dream. A husband hazed by intoxication, tyrannical in-laws and hardly any means to bring up two children. Finally, getting tired of the situation she left her inlaw’s house with her kids to live with her widowed mother. She was locked in a legal tussle with her husband and his family. But Rajni was no push over. She looked circumstances in the eye and decided to fight back. Upon hearing about Bharti Walmart Training Center (managed and run by Centum Learning), she immediately enrolled herself into a course there. What followed was 12 days of rigorous training relating to retail operations.

Upon graduation, she was hired in the capacity of a cashier at a Best Price Modern Wholesale Store.

Now she hopes to do really well in life & support her family. Doing well, is something that looks highly probable. "I won this badge and was rewarded for my performance", she says while pointing to a shiny piece of metal attached to her ID tag. And then smiles. The smile of a winner.

"I now earn enough to support myself and my two children. I have been able to establish myself because of this opportunity. I now want to do really well and support the rest of my family."


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